Why Us?

OK, now it’s time to toot our nautical horn!

Have you ever searched for quality nautical products at amazing prices from a supplier that is actually a pleasure to deal with? Well you have now found that place. Welcome to Columbus Imports.

With over 30 years in the business, we pride ourselves on being the first genuine wholesale nautical business in the country: bringing seashells, starfish and nautical brassware to the gift and retail scene so many years ago.

With such experience, we have learnt what customers require and expect. By having your best interest at heart, whether you are a retail operator, a wedding planner, a tourist gift store, interior designer, or market stall holder, you can be assured of a genuine and pleasant buying experience.

So if you like the sound of our history and offering, we really look forward to hearing from you soon – we’d love to help achieve your retail goals and creative objectives.