Columbus Imports has a huge range of products including starfish, barnacle, shell-inspired décor items & sea shells galore! The range is constantly changing, and with the buying team travelling overseas twice a year, we aim to bring you new and exciting ranges to enhance both your sales and you nautical look.

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These beautifully crafted polyresin clam shells and coral items add an exquisite touch of nautical to any shop, home, garden or special event. Designed to replicate the genuine articles, these provide aesthetic and functional appeal.

With commercial bans & restrictions in place for the trade of stunning real clams & corals, these polyresin options provide a cost effective and environmentally responsible option for everyone to enjoy.

bulk shells & shell bags

Our Promotional Bags are prepared in Sydney by hand, meaning flawless quality combinations. They have been our best selling products for over 25 years because they are easy to buy, easy to sell. We also have a wide range of pre-packaged net shell bags and gift shell packs.

hangings & garlands

Things that hang and things that clang! A vast range of quality shell hangings and chimes that will suit any home, coastal or otherwise. These products target healthy retail price points aimed at product turnover - we’re certain you’ll find some of your best selling products right here!

nautical decor

Expand your offering by including some shell-themed decorative pieces. Products include shell wreathes, décor balls and tea light candle holders.


Small shells? Large shells? Kilo shells? Polished shells? Yes, they are all here. We’ll let the range do the talking!


Flat finger starfish and Horn starfish in multiple sizes from 2” to 10”, let us know what you need!

wedding accessories

Click here for numerous products that can make planning a nautical wedding or event simple. Ranges include name card holders, small scatter shells, large feature shells, starfish, table decor and shells on 1m wire.